Most Common Questions about Cottonwood Creek Charter School

  • Most Common Questions about Cottonwood Creek Charter School

    Where do your students come from?

    Families come to Cottonwood Creek Charter School from as far as south as Red Bluff and from as far north as Redding. Cottonwood Creek continues to monitor the district each student comes from when they enroll. For the past four years a consistent pattern has emerged showing that approximately 60% of all incoming students come from outside the Cottonwood School District. The 2015/16 Kindergarten class had 10 out of its 27 students who have Cottonwood as their District of Residence (37%).

    What type of Curriculum is used?

    Cottonwood Creek uses a variety of state-adopted curriculum. Students in the site classes receive high-quality, standards-based instruction in Reading Language Arts (California Treasures) and Mathematics (Every Day Math and College Preparatory Math). Families in our Homeschool Program have choices from a number of state-adopted and non-state-adopted curriculum programs. Cottonwood Creek also uses a number of research-based supplemental academic programs such as Read Naturally, SIPPS, Reading Renaissance, Standards Plus, and Zingy Science.

    How does a student enroll in your school?

    If there are openings in a grade level, families may fill out an application and enroll in that grade level. When there are more applications than there are openings for a grade level, the State of California has established that charter schools hold a lottery to determine who may be enrolled in the charter school. Cottonwood Creek has had to hold a lottery for the past three years in May. For the 2015/16 school year, Cottonwood held a lottery for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 7th Grade.

    Do you provide services for Special Education students?

    Yes. Cottonwood Creek serves a number of students with Learning Disabilities and other health-related impairments. Cottonwood Creek Charter serves Special Education students that have Specific Learning Disabilities, Speech Disabilities, Special Day Class Students, 504 students, and students with Orthopedic Impairments.

    Are Fridays a school day at Cottonwood Creek?

    Yes. As Fridays are an Independent-Study Day, students are required to complete all work assigned to them each Friday at home. In many cases, students that do not complete their assignments earlier in the week create a very busy day for themselves on Fridays not only doing their Friday work but making up earlier unfinished assignments.

    Do you have any sports programs for students?

    Yes. Cottonwood Creek Charter School is part of the East/West Small Schools League. Cottonwood Creek has the following sports programs: Volleyball (Grades 6-8); Soccer (6th-8th Grades); Running Club (Grades K-3); Cross Country (Grades 4-8); Boys and Girls Basketball (5th/6th Grades); Boys and Girls Basketball (7th/8th Grades); and Co-Ed Softball (Grades 7th/8th).

    Does Cottonwood Creek Charter School have an After-School Program?

    No. Cottonwood Creek does not have an after-school program but it has strategically developed its elective program to start at 1:30 p.m. and end at 2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

    What types of electives and enrichment classes do you offer?

    Cottonwood Creek has a large number of enrichment opportunities for its students. Below are listed the current music and enrichment opportunities at Cottonwood Creek:

    Music – Piano, Fiddle, Violin, Drums, Guitar, Ukulele, Saxophone, Clarinet, Choir

    Elective Classes – Technology (Advanced & Beginning), Dance, Tap, Cheer, Sewing and Quilting, Scrapbooking, Archery, Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, Survival Skills, and Yearbook